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Don’t deprive your loved ones of top-notch dental care. If you have kids, staying on top of their dental efforts is pivotal to extending the longevity of their smile. So don’t waste another second in uncertainty. Decide today to take control by contacting Scott Froum and meet with this 10022 periodontist. Once you’ve visited, you’ll wonder why you didn’t sooner.

10022 periodontist

The thought might cross your mind, “Wait a millisecond. Why does my child need to regularly visit a dental professional? They hardly miss a day of brushing and flossing.” While that’s likely the case, what they do at home only wins about 50% of the dental hygiene battle. Of course, that doesn’t mean they should let up. But it does mean you should do your due parental diligence by taking them to a professional early and often. Regular visits helps kids stay on top of their dental health. Plus, cleanings are able to eradicate those sneaky food particles that wedge into hard-to-reach crevices and corners of the mouth. Doing so goes a long way toward preventing gum disease, as leftover particles eventually become plaque & tartar which are bacterial havens that launch and onslaught on both teeth and gums. So don’t let it ever get to that point. Complete the other half of your child’s oral hygiene routine by swinging them over to Scott Froumand’s office and get top-notch care from this 10022 periodontist.

Sound good? Our patients certainly think so. Now all you have to do is make magic happen by picking up that magic electronic wand called a phone, punching some numbers, and speak to Scott Froumand’s friendly staff who will promptly schedule an appointment. Is that all there is to it? Yup. So go ahead and make the decision today to speak with our 10022 periodontist. Couldn’t possibly be easier.

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