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While most of the emphasis in oral care is focused on the teeth the gums are of equal importance. The gums support and nourish the teeth but are also susceptible to the plaque that eats away at teeth. Gum disease is a result of bacteria in the plaque getting in the spaces between the gum and teeth. When gum disease occurs our periodontics practice can provide the Midtown Manhattan periodontal office of Dr. Scott Froum, DDS can help save your gums and teeth.

Midtown Manhattan periodontal office

When bacteria from plaque and calculus around the gum line get in between the gum and teeth the area can start a buildup of the bacteria colony causing the area to become infected. The gum will begin to pull away from the tooth forming a pocket. This early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. The worse the disease gets the deeper the pocket. The pocket can get so deep that the remaining gum can no longer support the tooth, which will be lost. Gum disease can become so severe (periodontitis) that it can lead to loss of bone material in the underlying jaw. Our practice treats mild gingivitis through regular dental and gum cleanings, which will usually clear up the disease after a cleaning or two. For more advanced cases of gingivitis our doctor performs a periodontal treatment that is called scaling and root planing at our Midtown Manhattan periodontal office.

During the first part of periodontal treatment (scaling) at our Midtown Manhattan periodontal office our hygienist will remove debris from the crown and root surfaces of the tooth using both ultrasonic and hand scalers. This will remove all the infected debris from the pockets. Next the root surfaces will be smoothed through hand planning, which will help prevent the re-buildup of bacteria. Aside from mild/moderate gum disease other reasons to perform a periodontal treatment include localized gum recession, before a crown lengthening procedure and when a ridge augmentation is performed. For more severe cases of gum disease our doctor can perform pocket reduction surgery. Don’t wait if you have signs of gum disease, call our office for a consultation.

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