The Detrimental Effects of Stress in the Mouth

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Did you know that symptoms in your mouth can show that you are undergoing stress? Studies show that stressed-out people have a much greater risk of developing bone and gum loss in their mouth.  First, a sore mouth and achy jaw can be a sign of someone grinding or clenching their teeth. One of the main reasons this happens is because of stress. If you have an achy jaw and or muscle soreness consult with your periodontist about making a night-guard to relieve these symptoms. Comparative psychological studies have shown that people with elevated stress levels crave sweet things. Habitual intake of sugar and sweets can cause cavities. Seeking healthy alternatives to sweets as well as seeing a dentist under times of stress can address people in these situations.  Finally, people with chronically elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol may have their immune system weakened and make them more likely to be affected by the bacteria in their mouth. If you are under stress and you notice your gums are bleeding you should consult with your periodontist. Even though you may still be affected by stress, by professional removal of the bacteria from the teeth by a periodontist there will be no fuel for the fire. Call for an appointment to see how Dr. Scot Froum can prevent damage to your mouth from stress.

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